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5 steps to solve a Sudoku Puzzle

Solving the Sudoku Puzzle sometimes can get really hard and challenging, but here are some steps to follow that can help you become faster and more efficient while playing this game.

Step 1

The Basic Basics/scanning. You scan rows and columns to eliminate where a specific number can be in a given region. In counting you simply count all the different numbers that's in a row, column and region that connects to one cell. If there is just one number missing then that’s what should be in the cell.

Step 2

The Analysis, Is a Higher Level Method. Analysis consists of two methods namely candidate elimination and the what if. The candidate elimination method happens when a pair of numbers are the only possible answer to two cells.

Step 3

Analysis (almost, I Think) this one is almost like the candidate elimination and it is also called deriving certainty from uncertainty.

Step 4

X-wing. This Is an Advanced Technique. This method can work when you look at cells comprising a rectangle, such as the cells marked in red. Is the most difficult technique because it is more difficult to spot it.

Step 5

Sometimes there are no steps at all, just try to understand the game, focus on the goal and enjoy the challenge.