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About Sudoku Solver

Sudoku is a very popular game which consists only in numbers and logic. The long and interesting history of the Sudoku is quite a puzzle in itself. Even though the name derives from the Japanese language, consisting on the Japanese characters Su (meaning 'number') and Doku (meaning 'single') but it was not invented in Japan.

It all begins with a Swiss genius, Leonard Euler, a mathematician who owns the credits of the creation of the puzzle that we know as Sudoku. A brief and localized version of "Magic Squares" appeared as a newspaper puzzle between about 1890 and 1920 in France, but it didn't gain any kind of popularity. Than Sudoku Puzzle had its journey to America, where after 50 years the puzzle was introduced by Howard Garnes in the American Dell magazine. The puzzle had its spread over the Pacific to Japan and very soon it become a worldwide phenomenon.

It is one of the few puzzles that can claim to be truly international by nature. It has no cultural baggage and just needs a logical mind to solve it. That's why Sudoku is one of the most famous and most frequent games distributed by magazines, newspaper and internet.

What does Sudoku looks like?

A table with nine rows and nine columns contains several fields with a given number. When trying to solve this puzzle there is only one goal to keep in mind: fill the Sudoku table with numbers from 1 to 9 so that any number in any row, column, or highlighted 3x3 section does not repeat. The rules that you have to follow are very simple you can use paper, pencil, mouse, keyboard and your brain. In the end, you find yourself left alone with your logic reasoning. You are not allowed to consult the solution with any other person.